About Locate Ottawa

Locate Ottawa is an interactive internet mapping program that speeds up and simplifies the process of finding the optimal location for a business in Ottawa by providing public access to a range of valuable information. Users can search for available commercial buildings and sites, as well as generate site-specific demographic and business analytics reports.

Search for Available Buildings or Land

To search for vacant building space or developable land you can enter your minimum and maximum size requirements by square feet or acres. You can search for properties that are for lease or for sale. You can also search for the type of commercial property you want. By clicking on the "search" button Locate Ottawa will search a database of properties that match your specific property criteria and display the matching properties for you to review.

Create Demographic Reports

Once you have selected a property you can create site-specific demographic reports by clicking on a link or the file tab near the top of the web page labeled "Demographics". Select the type of report you wish to create and a distance from the property you want the analysis to include. There are four different reports available: 1) Demographic, 2) Consumer Expenditure, 3) Business & Workforce and 4) Employment Wages. This information can be used to better understand the profile of the area you are analyzing.

Create Business Competition & Synergy Reports

After selecting a property you can create site-specific business competition and synergy reports by clicking on the file tab near the top of the web page titled "Businesses". Select the distance from the property you want the analysis to include and click the "Calculate" button. Locate Ottawa will show the business clusters on the map as well as calculate the number of businesses in each business category. You can click on the business category links to see a list of all the businesses in that category. This business information can be used to identify businesses that can be a potential synergy with or competition for your business.

Interactive Mappings

Properties are linked to interactive maps that display geographic information such as the location of streets, highways, cities, counties, bodies of water, rivers, railroads, points of interest, major educational facilities and parks. All of the maps are completely interactive and the information displayed is determined by the website user.